Our official history begins in 2009, when Maite Egea, designer born in Badalona (Barcelona), dedicated in her first working stages to house decoration, refurbishment of antique furniture and design of wood, iron and metal decorative pieces, decided to professionalize her vocation by the creation of Jelemme.

The choice of the name of the firm is not meaningless. JELEMME. JE, states for Julio Egea and ME, for Maite Egea; between them, LEM, phonetically in French, love, in homage to the person from whom she inherited her vocation, her father.

The philosophy of the firm starts on the idea that all their products are completely handmade, and its central axis is the design and production of wicker bags. The leather is a constant and a sign of identity in all our collections: camel, fuchsia, red, taupe, turquoise, gray, green, black, tile … double dyed, cut and sewn by hand in each of the bags, also manually made.

Our philosophy is always the same for everything we do: we investigate, observe, absorb everything that considered trendy at all levels, and we remain stuck and focused to the style that has always identified our brand.